Från mina vänner i Turkiet sprids ett viktigt upprop. Se text nedan.

Dear all,

As most of you follow from the news, the government of Turkey has plans to ban abortion in Turkey.

We need all kind of your support (sending letters to prime ministry, public/ press statements …) to prevent this ban.

You can read the details and news at the link : and can support us by your signatures. You can use the link for the individual signatures; for the organizational signatures please send e-mail to the address given at the web page. If you can sign until Tuesday (5 June) evening, the individual signatures to the petition, together with organizational signatures will be submitted to the President, Prime Minister, relevant ministries of Turkey, relevant commissions of the Turkish National Assembly, and international organizations in which Turkey is a member of.

If you want to send e-mail or letter to the prime ministry to say no to abortion ban in Turkey the addresses are:

Prime Minister from Turkish
Vekaletler Caddesi Başbakanlık Merkez Bina
P.K. 06573. Kızılay / Ankara. Turkey